Creating The Pampered Pet Club

Welcome to The Pampered Pet Club! 

I'm Meg and I am the owner of The Pampered Pet Club. I have always loved crafts and textiles and I have been making bandanas and neckerchiefs for my very cute toy schnoodle Alan since he was a pup! After a family and friends said I should sell my creations, I've set up my Etsy to start selling my hand made bandanas to other pampered pets around the world. 

My Etsy did quite well and I decided to move to a more permanent platform by having my own website. To coincide with the launch of my new website, I am also releasing some new products - Harnesses, Poo Bag Holders, Collars and Leads! 

I have been documenting the journey of The Pampered Pet Club on my Youtube Channel called MegaCrafty - It's great to see so many people interested in the journey and I'm grateful for the support I've received on that platform. 

I currently work full time in Financial Services and this is my passion project. I would love to make this my full time gig and I'm working continuously to make that dream a reality. 

The Pampered Pet Club also gives me the opportunity to support fantastic charities who work to protect dogs who aren't so pampered... you can find out more about that on the 'Giving Back' page of the website. 
If you would like to follow along with our adventures, you can find us on insta @thepamperedpetclub @alanthetoyschnoodle